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Ancient Bead Jewelry

Posted on Aug 14, 2014 by in Craft supplies, My craft friends |

Have you considered that some things have their own smell and sound, even in photos on monitor?
I found this really inspirational ancient beads shop on Etsy and the past few days I can’t stop to think about the oriental market, the smell of spices and taste of Turkish Delight. And I can even  hear the noise of the surf…

Yes, I live in Israel, and here we have a lot of Middle East inspiration… But not in the glass-and-steel offices, inside the conditioned cars or in comfortable apartments in the high modern buildings. During my everyday work-supermarket-home trips I forget to drop into spices or antique shops. I bring my kids to crowded public beach and latest fantastic movies. All Middle East features stay somewhere on Jaffa old streets and Akko port.

I love to use natural gemstones in my crafts, but modern stones don’t have the same effect of smell, noise and ancient inspiration, as these amazing scratched and sometimes dull, but very warm stones. May be, if I will use these original ancient beads from the Lordofthebeads Etsy store to my own handmade jewelry, it will have such warmth and oriental smell too?

Ancient Bead Jewelry for crafters 5 Ancient Bead Jewelry for crafters 4 Ancient Bead Jewelry for crafters 3 Ancient Bead Jewelry for crafters 2 Ancient Bead Jewelry for crafters 1

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