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Black and white polka dot clips DIY tutorial

Posted on Feb 16, 2014 by in "Vintage-Montage" project, Tutorials and DIY |

These clips were made for the second part of Vintage-Montage project: Back to sixties, for beautiful Julia and her appearance. Frankly, another pair of earrings was made for Julia’s blue dress, there were simple white circles on silver plated earring bases. But when I made black and white polka dot bangles, I thought that I want to make similar clips. I doubted, but finally Julia wore this polka dot clips, and white earrings matched perfectly to another model, Anna.

So, lets go on.

For these clips you will need:
1. polymer clay of two colors you love (I took black and white, so I will say just “black” and “white”, but you understand what I mean, do you?)
2. two circle cutters, diameter 3 cm and 1.5 cm
3. roller and slicer (or regular office knife)
4. metal clips and two metal jump rings
5. glue
6. drill or needle
7. baking pan
Polka dots wlack and white clips 1

Mash the polymer clay and roll it out to a thickness of 2-3 mm
Polka dots wlack and white clips 2

Cut two large and two small circles out from white polymer clay (or any color you choose instead of white).
Polka dots wlack and white clips 3

Place the circles on baking pan. Take a baby wipe and sleek the edges.
Then cut two small circles out of black polymer clay and place them on the large white circles. You can place them exactly in the middle or push them a bit to the edges of white circles. Sleek their edges too.
Polka dots wlack and white clips 4

Roll two canes, black and white, and slice them to pieces of the same size.
{A photo here was dreadful}
Then make tiny dots out of every little piece of polymer clay and place them on the small circles, black ones on white circle and white ones on black circles (which were placed on large white ones 🙂 You can also cut the dots onto halves and place them on the very edge of small circles.
Polka dots wlack and white clips 5

Bake your circles and then drill them, or pierce the holes with needle BEFORE baking. Carefully follow the polymer clay baking instructions!
Polka dots wlack and white clips 6

Polka dots wlack and white clips 7

Polka dots wlack and white clips 9

Glue the metal clips on the back side of small circles, placing them exactly above the holes!
Polka dots wlack and white clips 10

After the glue hardening, connect small and large circles with jump rings.
Polka dots wlack and white clips 11

After all, you have to make polka dot bangles…
Polka dots wlack and white clips 12

… and now find a beautiful girl to wear these clips and wonderful team to make the sixties styled appearance, and then you can take a few photos 🙂
Yes, it was a joke 🙂
Israeli designers in Vintage Montage 2 by Vladimir Sheinkerman 23
{Photo by Vladimir Sheinkerman}

Here you can buy these clips or order another pair with your favorite colors combination!

Photo credits:
Model: Julia Mordukhaev
Fashion: Zhanna Vyletkova
Make-up: Anastasia Kolesnikova
Hair: Irina Levitan
Style: Ilana Shlapnik and Nina Galka
And my jewelry 🙂

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