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Brushes organizer DIY tutorial

Posted on Oct 25, 2013 by in My craft friends, Tutorials and DIY |

As you know, there are many artists in my family. My mother paints on silk, my sister is an architect… My daughter is the World Best  Junior Artist! All kids in Nessie’s art school have to bring a lot of artists equipment. For easy packing of all Nessie’s brushes we’ve made this organizer.

What we need?

1. Sushi mat

2. Elastic ribbon

3. Ribbon or braid

Brushes organizer DIY 01 WM


Wrap the elastic around first stick and secure it with several stitches

Brushes organizer DIY 02 WM

Then, start to weave the elastic around the sticks making small and big holders for the brushes.

Brushes organizer DIY 04 WM

Finish them to the end and again wrap the elastic around last stick and secure it. Add another elastic ribbon and braid.

Brushes organizer DIY 05 WM

The brush organizer is ready!

Brushes organizer DIY 06 WM

Then, it can be rolled and tied with the braid 🙂

Brushes organizer DIY 07 WM


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Good luck!

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