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Buy lingerie online. What do you think about it?

Posted on Mar 1, 2014 by in Beauty and Style, My craft friends |

Bra Fitting: the more a woman is confident in her underwear, she is more confident in life.

Feeling good, looking good — it gives strength and confidence. How do you feel in your favorite pair of jeans, dress or shoes? I believe you feel good because you’ve got the right fit. The right fitted lingerie will outstandingly improve your appearance. The right bra will lift your breasts and minimizing your waist. Wrong fitted bra really limits what you can wear.

When some sites began selling lingerie online, many experts prophesied the failure of that innovation: “No one would ever buy something as important and intimate as lingerie without first seeing it, touching it and fitting it.”  Today a lot of women are buying their bra and pants in online stores, but many other are still unenthusiastic about buying lingerie anywhere other than their local shops.

When you will decide if you should purchase your next lingerie in local store or buy online, you have to think about these few points:

You had better buy lingerie in your local store if…

  • you need or want new lingerie right now (and I think it’s the only strong reason, other difficulties can be overcame with good online shop)
  • you haven’t bought a bra lately after your size could be changed because of weight loss or gain, pregnancy or childbirth for example or you have special needs (such as a mastectomy or uneven breasts). Yes, most of online bra calculators are frighteningly inaccurate, but the best online shops have their own guides for perfect bra fitting.

You definitely should buy your next lingerie online if…

  • you already know your size in most popular or your favorite brands
  • you agree to wait for your purchase a few days of weeks
  • you are looking for variety of styles (online boutiques often can offer a better selection)
  • you prefer to buy from original small-label designers or want to buy something special, such as eco-friendly, retro or handmade lingerie
  • you just have “buy lingerie” on your monthly or quarterly TODO list and don’t seek something new.

Personally, I buy lingerie online for all these reasons.

I have a few favorite shops: one for regularly buying fresh simple everyday bras for me and for my daughter and others for occasional “treatment” by something special, for example, these wonderful pieces of luxury designer lingerie I want to buy from

exclusive lingerie buy online 1

exclusive lingerie buy online 2

exclusive lingerie buy online 3

exclusive lingerie buy online 4

exclusive lingerie buy online 5

And where you do buy your lingerie?  

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