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DIY Wooden bangle in heritage blue with silver sparkles

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 by in Beauty and Style, Tutorials and DIY |

After the Olive green and gold boho-style DIY wooden bangle project I’m glad to present you another wonderful step-by-step tutorial: fashionable sparkling bangle for modern party!

This is my second DIY wooden bangle project: herritage blue wooden bangle with silver sparkles, inspired by this red glittered bangle by LAKLAKparis store)



What you need:

Unfinished wooden bracelet
Heritage blue acrylic paint
Fine grained silver glitter (I used special pasta by Stamperia)
Waterbase matte varnish

wooden bangle silver sparkles 1

First, paint bracelet on both sides with grey-blue acrylic paint.
Apply two coats, if needed.
Let it dry completely.

wooden bangle silver sparkles 2

Carefully divide the bracelet into two equal (or not) parts. Apply one coat of silver glitters outside on one part of the bracelet only. Let it dry.

wooden bangle silver sparkles 3



Be accurate on the borderline!

wooden bangle silver sparkles 4

Apply few coats of waterbase matte varnish inside and outside the bracelet (except for glittered part).
Let each coat dry thoroughly.

wooden bangle silver sparkles 5

Let it dry for 1 2-24 hours before wearing!

wooden bangle silver sparkles 8

wooden bangle silver sparkles 6

Also you can buy THIS bangle here!


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