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Funky and Fun Jewelry Projects for Teens

Posted on Nov 15, 2013 by in Beauty and Style, My craft friends |

The satisfaction of creating a wearable work of art extends to all ages. There has been an explosion of creative jewelry ideas fueled by the internet, and the crafty choices are many. Some options include traditional favorites, like friendship bracelets and boondoggle, but other ideas are brand new and unexpected.

Friendship Bracelets

Tying decorative knots has been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China. Friendship bracelets are a series of decorative knots. At their most basic level, they are made from inexpensive embroidery floss. With more proficiency, the patterns of knots can become more elaborate; with beads and feathers for personalized touches. Other deviations include using materials like hemp, silk, and more.


By definition, the word boondoggle means wasteful project, but this craft is anything but wasteful. First used in the late 1920s, its popularity has since risen and fallen, but it has never totally faded from view. The plastic laces are overlapped in a variety of patterns that create multicolored designs. In earlier times boondoggle was predominantly used to form key chains, but increasingly innovative techniques can create anything from zipper pulls to bracelets to pendants.


The internet is a great source for patterns for little beaded critters and designs that can be used as earrings, pendants, and pins. Beads can be strung on cord, elastic, or wire for a more traditional and classic look. Materials for these projects can be as simple as cheap plastic pony beads or as exclusive as high quality crystal.

Household/Office Items

Perhaps the most expressive type of crafted jewelry is one that utilizes everyday household/office items. Some ideas include making plastic beads from old water bottles by cutting them into little strips, coiling them with needle nosed pliers, and heating them with a heat gun (please be careful). Paperclips can be spiraled into earrings. Line Bottle caps lined with pictures, then fill with resin. Once dried, they can be drilled and put on O rings for pendants. The art of weaving candy wrappers can be expanded to incorporate old bags from chips for larger items like belts. The possibilities are many.

Like anyone else, teens get a sense of satisfaction from a job well done. Wearing their creations to make a statement about their own tastes and lifestyle increases the rewards.

And just in case you dont want to do it yourself, you can find some teen jewelry at this Etsy shop I found.




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