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Handmade vintage style wedding tiara DIY

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 by in Tutorials and DIY |

If you want to wear any special jewelry on your wedding day, you can find something really rare and costly. On other way, you can buy any one of a kind handmade jewelry or order unique masterpiece matches your own style. And surely, you can make something beautiful with your own hands, adding your own heart and soul to this thing. I sure, it will be more valuable and absolutely one of a kind!
I can show you how to make this wonderful vintage style wedding tiara using materials, which you can buy in the nearest craft shop.

What you need:

1. Beads (pearls, crystals, etc). I take my own hand sculpted rosebuds, and glass pearls with satin and matte finish; all in cream white.

2. Metal headband and metal wire; they may be silver plated, of gold plated, or copper, but preferably of color matches to the beads. Silver plated in our case.

3. Cutters and pliers.

Vintage style twenties bridal hair piece DIY 1

Cut about 70 cm of wire and begin to spin it around the headband, but not in the middle of it, take 7-9 cm from the center of headband to its edge.

Every few turns add one bead and make a loop, then make a few other turns.  Torque the loop with bead to make wire stem with bead on its end.

Vintage style twenties bridal hair piece DIY 1-1

Continue to the end of wire, adding your beads. If you use different beads, alternate them carefully.

Vintage style twenties bridal hair piece DIY 2

When you finish, draw all the wire turns together and snuggle them to the headband using pliers. You can also add a drop of adhesive on the edges.

Vintage style twenties bridal hair piece DIY 3

Spread the stems with beads to make beautiful bouquet.

Vintage style twenties bridal hair piece DIY 4


That’s all, you can wear you completely unique wedding tiara!


And at the end I want to place this wonderful photo, made for me by Gregory Hirni during our Vintage Photo-project.

Pearls roses bridal prom girl headbans 20s style 3

  1. Simply classic and gorgeous

  2. Lovely.. thanks a lot

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