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Hopeness jewelry

Posted on Jan 6, 2014 by in My craft friends |

Jewelry has many applying at all times; it adds attractiveness to both men and women, shows status of its owner or transmits a message (like wedding rings, for example).
But sometimes jewelry helps to express our feelings, when it’s hard or impossible to verbalize them.
One of my new craft friends, Connie Parrish, and her husband Kenneth make jewelry to show their big love to their daughter Crystal, who happens to be non verbal autistic. Connie and Kenneth Parrish run a shop on Etsy (CCAOriginals) where they sell their wonderful designed jewelry, full of their feelings to Crystal and to the world. As Connie says, Crystal inspires her to many of designs, mostly all in the shop’s “Awareness jewelry” section.
Autism Stretch Bracelets with Awareness Puzzle Piece Charm
handmade glass pearls bracelet 5

handmade glass pearls bracelet 4

Beaded Stretch Bracelets
handmade glass pearls bracelet 3

handmade glass pearls bracelet 2

handmade glass pearls bracelet 1


Beaded necklaces

handmade glass pearls necklace


I wish a lot of happiness and hopeness to little Crystal and her loving parents!

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