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Miss Universe 2013 in the national costumes

Posted on Nov 4, 2013 by in Beauty and Style |

“Miss Universe 2013”, national costumes performance.

22 -year-old “Miss Israel” Yitayish (Titi) Ayanaw appeared in costume of Queen of Sheba: white dress decorated with gold and golden crown with jewels. She is the best!

Titi Ayanaw Israel

One more appearance which I really like was Araiella Arida from Philippines
Ariella Arida Philippines

A few amazing masquerade costumes in “Miss Universe 2013” – great ideas for Halloween or Purim:

“Little Mermaid” from Denmark


“Venetian Mask” form Italy

Luna Voce Italy


Belgian “Devil”



And crazy “Transformer” from United States

Transformer USA


A whole bunch of Hispanics brought the Brazilian carnival from Rio to cold Moscow

National costume Brasil

National costume Colombia

National costume Costa Rica

National costume Curacao

National costume Equador

National costume Gonduras

National costume Guatemala

National costume Mexico

National costume Nicaragua

National costume Paraguay

National costume Trinidad Tobago

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