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One of a kind polymer clay filigree buttons

Posted on Nov 13, 2013 by in Beauty and Style |

Which type of jewelry do you prefer for everyday wearing? Do you always wear only this tiny earrings? Do you handpick earrings matches to necklace and hair pin matching to bracelet? I have a few friends which never wear necklaces or scarves because they annoyed when anything touches their necks.

As for me, I always wear earrings and necklace or scarf, but I put on rings or bracelets only for special occasions and take them off immediately after my ceremonial appearance is over. Sometimes clothes style prevents wearing any jewelry, sometimes scarves or brooches are required accessories, but sometimes jewelry may be an integral part of your clothes! I mean buttons – cute, lovely, wonderful, awesome little buttons! It is very important fashion detail, which may completely change your whole style. They can make your clothes dull or festive, bring some chic or funny girlish mood. And if you prefer handmade clothes, knitted cardigans or felted dress for example, you definitely have to choose handmade buttons as well!  They may be made of metal, glass, ceramics or polymer clay; they may be large or small, of many different forms and colors.

These polymer clay buttons were made for order and now they are sewn on wonderful peacock-and-sand jacket, which was felted by my friend Irina. They are completely handmade without any molds and they are different! Every button in this set is unique!  I like this work very much and I’m glad Irina likes them too.

Peacock bronze and gold buttons 06 WM


Peacock bronze and gold buttons collage 2 WM

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