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Paper Envelope for little Christmas gift. Do It Yourself!

Posted on Dec 12, 2012 by in Tutorials and DIY |

Do you want fun and lovely envelopes that will impress your friends? 
Do It Yourself!
It’s a gorgeous way to add, “wow!” to your Christmas gifts or invitations and it’s really simple.

What you need:

1. Regular white, colored or scrapbooking paper (I used A4 paper size)
2. Cutting mat
3. Pencil and pens of different colors
4. Sharp knife or scissors
5. Ruler
6. Glue (I used White glue)
7. Office puncher

Step 1: Draw an outline of the envelop on a paper. Then, add pecked line like it shown on the picture. If you are planning to make several similar envelopes, save first one as a template. You can use color paper, pretty scrapbooking paper, vintage paper, or something else. Well… you’ve got the idea 🙂

Step 2: Cut out the envelope by the outline and fold by the pecked lines.

Step 3: This step may be skipped, but the envelope will look much more beautiful 🙂 So cut out a rectangle smaller then the envelope. Glue it to out side.

Step 4: Unleash your creativity and decorate it. I need to send a few little gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah, so I decorated my envelopes with convenient designs.

Step 5: Place your invitation, gift card or little plane gift (for example… Hanukkah gelt for your children!) in the center and overlap the ends to close the envelope.

Step 6: Close it with pretty sticky label, or punch couple holes and tie with a ribbon. 

Here we go! Your pretty envelope is ready to be sent 🙂

Or put your gifts under the tree!

Happy nolidays!

    • Great idea!


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