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Useful stuff for homemade business

Posted on Apr 17, 2014 by in My craft friends, Tutorials and DIY |

Many artists and crafters are trying turn their crafting passion to some money and to make their own little business with their own two hands. But running business, even small homemade one, is very complicated deal. You need to know many different things, and you have to find time to make these things!

You have to be manufacturer first of all.
You have to be salesperson, accountant and marketing manager for your business.
You have to be copywriter to make advertisement texts and blog posts if you have a blog or even a Facebook page.
You have to be photographer (and good one!) if you want to sell your stuff or offer your service online.
You have to be graphic designer to make many, many different things, such as cards, brochures, packages, announcements….
You have to have many other talents and plenty of time! Or… just to hire professional persons for all this things and try to make enough money to pay them all.

Thinking about graphic design I needed for my own homemade business, I search ideas in Internet and found wonderful, wonderful things! It is Photoshop and Illustrator templates for making my own brochures!
Frankly, I can make brochure or photo-album without any templates. But it can takes whole day, and even more, if I want to make any large thing. With this template the work will be easier and faster!

Continuing the search, I found a lot of useful graphic templates, and even design templates for Blogger and WordPress! All this stuff you can found and buy on Etsy.

Brochure Illustrator/Photopsop templates by salsabilastudio
Brochure Illustrator template 1

And one more:
Brochure Illustrator template 2

Price List Photoshop Template by MioraDesign
Price List - Pricing Guide Photoshop Template for Photographers

Announcement/Advertisement Card Photoshop Template by hazyskiesdesigns
Photography Birth Announcement Photoshop Card Template

Not only for wedding! Album Photoshop Templates by TiramisuDesign
Wedding Photobook, Album Photoshop Templates

And a few useful thing for your business online:
Facebook timeline templates by PhotographerTemplate
Facebook Timeline Cover Template Chalkboard Facebook Cover Templates

Lovely Blogger template by fleurglansbeek
Blogger template

And really cute WordPress template by colorsplashdesign
Responsive WordPress Template - WordPress Theme

I hope all these templates will help you (and me!) make our thing easy. Good luck!

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