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Valentine’s Day table decor DIY

Posted on Feb 7, 2013 by in Holidays, Tutorials and DIY |

Red comes to mind first when we think of Valentine’s Day because Valentine’s is a day of giving and loving. And its symbol is the heart because we believe that it’s to be the source of all emotions.

I would like to show how to make the “The White Heart” Valentine’s day table arrangement with a tutorial by Elena Korostelev.


Start with preparing some purple-red flowers (roses or anemones) and short glass cups, they can be replaced by lowballs or shot glass.


The napkins are purple-red, but the hearts will be white. You will need red ink or marker to write names or sweet words of love on our white hears. Hearts are cut out of thick white paper, which may be found in the office supply store. The holes are made by puncher.



Narrow white ribbon matches perfectly with the napkins edging.



Arrange the flowers as a centerpiece.


Original text in Russian by Elena Korostelev.

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