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About NES Jewelry and Art Store

Welcome to our virtual home!

We are creative family from Haifa, Israel. Here we show little pieces our creative life, and we will be happy to share it with you in any possible way 🙂

  • Here you can learn what we do and make, see our big and small projects and read stories about people, places and ideas.
  • Here you can learn how we make things and try to make something by yourself.
  • And surely you can buy something lovely in our store!

“NES” itself is abbreviation from family members’ names: Nessie (Anastasia), Elena and Svetlana. By the way, “nes” means “miracle” in Hebrew. Maybe that’s why it’s impossible to tear off a sight from NES jewelry and art works. (*boastfully* 🙂 )

And this is the way we made one beautiful art work (Photo by Ailin Gasparian):

Making beauty :)

Making beauty 🙂

We make very different things, but every one of us is especially interested in certain materials and techniques:

Nessie loves drawing, painting and sculpting. Most of her creations stay on her school (it is very special Art School “Reut Le Omanuyot” in Haifa). Other one of a kind things Nessie makes for herself and never wants to place them in the store!  Also Nessie is great fashion and jewelry designer, specializing in Barbie and Bratz haute couture. By the way, if you occasionally want to make a gift for Nessie, you can send her a doll with national costume, cause she collects them 🙂

Elena loves drawing and painting. All amazing hand painted silk scarves in the store are made by Elena! She also paints with watercolor and acrylic, and sometimes decorates anything with decoupage.

I love to work with polymer clay first of all. But constantly I want to try something new and add to polymer clay different gemstones, beads, sea glass, wire, whatever… I write in the blog, take photos, make albums and slideshows. And I manage this store and all our Etsy stores.

Almost all items in the store are One Of A Kind. If original item has been sold already, we leave its photo only as an example of design, and when you order one of these items, you get new One Of A Kind creation. And you can always discuss any details of your order with the authors!

For creative people we offer beads, buttons and tutorials, but you always welcome to ask us about something special, fell free to discuss your ideas with us!

For payments we prefer to use PayPal, and now you don’t need to open a PayPal account, you can pay with your credit card. If you feel more confident with well known online stores, you can find us on Etsy:

NES Wedding Garden – luxury flower jewelry for special occasions
EleNesSilk – original hand painted silk and wool scarves

Also welcome to our FB page, like us to get news, announcements and something interesting every day 🙂

Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!

Svetlana Nes