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Silk painting by Elena

Hello! My name is Elena. I am silk artist and now I am pleased to welcome you to my Silk painting store.

Artists are the happiest people in the world! They can keep the most beautiful moments in their life and show them to other people. Their dreams and life experience are passed through every cell of their bodies and painted by their heart, and then it is impossible to understand where the water ends and the flowering branches begin, where the air blows and where the noisy river flows. Silk is like an air, silk is like a water and silk is like a subtle breath… A delicate touch of the brush to the air flowing silk makes the world around bright and magical.

from the

from the “Sakura and Rose” project

How do I create my silk works? It all starts in my head. I have an idea, an image of the future scarf, shawl or any other painting, draw it on paper and then transfer it to the pure white silk. Then the most interesting part starts. I always use professional dyes for my works. Colors and their combination are the most important thing in painting for me. Mixing the colors is a deeply absorbing process. Finally, when the silk is painted, I roll it in paper and steam for 3 hours. After that the clothing is ready to wear, the colors are fixated permanently and the silk can be washed without any fear of fading.

When you buy my silk work you are the only person in the world who has this design, because hand painted silk painting cannot be replicated exactly.
Silk painting is an exquisite gift, souvenir, it is a piece of jewelry, it is a fashion accessory that can satisfy the most refined tastes.
Falling in love with silk, you will change yourself forever!