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Hand made jewelry and fashion in vintage styled performance

Posted on Nov 25, 2013 by in Beauty and Style, My craft friends |

“Vintage Montage” photo project Part One

A month ago I have gladly participated in very unusual photo and video session in the 20’s style. Group of Russian entrepreneurs came together to promote their businesses and expand the market of products and services; and they (Oh, actually I have to say “we”!) made it in the form of artistic performance in vintage style.
The idea of such photo shooting came into sight in the Russian-speaking Israeli community in Facebook and has attracted the attention of many creative community members.
Under the strict guidance by Anat Or Lev, screenwriters and stylists, fashion and jewelry designers, painters and artists began their preparation a month before photo shooting; and photographers, graphic artists, copywriters and web designers are still working on the project. First wonderful photographs were ready in a few days after shooting; and now a huge amount of beautiful photos and number of awesome videos are presented to the public.

Today I am glad to show here one of these videos and a few selected photos, and I promise to continue this story!
This video is especially valuable for me because a friend of mine Milana Zilnik wrote music that was used in the clip.


And here are the photos:


Photographer: Igor Patshany – Photo4Go; Models: Evguenia Katzner and Julia Mordukhaev; Fashion and style: Tania Zalkind; Jewelry: Ada Dibner – Art of Jewelry and Regina Beadwork; Make-up: Ada Dibner; Hair accessory: NES Jewelry



Photographer: Igor Patshany – Photo4Go; Model: Evguenia Katzner; Fashion and style: Tania Zalkind; Jewelry: Ada Dibner – Art of Jewelry; Make-up: Ada Dibner



Photographer: Igor Patshany – Photo4Go; Model: Evguenia Katzner; Fashion and style: Tania Zalkind; Jewelry: Ada Dibner – Art of Jewelry; Make-up: Ada Dibner; Hair accessory: NES Jewelry



Photographer: Lilia Goyzman; Dancer: Helena – Oriental Dance Studio



Photo: Francoise Chem; Models: Anat Shlyapnik, Karin Sorochinsky and Tali Stambulchik; Make up and hair: Nina Galka, Maya Korman, Elena Melehov; Fashion designers: Ira Sorochinsky, Irina Gaber; Jewelry: Orna Voloh, Yulia Zaslavsky, Regina Beadwork



Photogapher: Lu; Model: Tali Stambulchik; Make up and hair: Elena Melehov; Jewelry designer: Yulia Zaslavsky; Fashion and style: Ira Sorochinsky



Photographer: Michael Neiman; Models: Karin Sorochinsky and Tali Stambulchik; Make up and hair: Maya Korman, Elena Melehov; Fashion designer, style: Ira Sorochinsky; Jewelry: Orna Voloh, Yulia Zaslavsky


Photographer Michael Neiman


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