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Vintage people: Lilia Goyzman

Posted on Nov 26, 2013 by in My craft friends |

This is Lilia Goyzman, talented photographer, designer and artist. She lives and works in Haifa; and she makes really beautiful things.
You can find Lilia’s works on her website or on her Facebook page.
I want to write about her wonderful scrap-booking ideas later, and now I just show a few backstage photos, made by Lilia on our vintage styled photo shooting.

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_1

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_4

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_7

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_8

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_9

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_10

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_11

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_13

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_15

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_16

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_17

Handmade_jewelry_Israel_roaring_twenties_Lilia Goyzman_18

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